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ⅡSanbe Volcano that has nurtured
a bountiful way of life

MAP 19

An old pine over 400 years old

Sadame Pine tree

If you follow the road leading to Mt. Sanbe from the west (the Mt. Sanbe Park Line), as the grassy plains of Nishinohara spread out before you, you will be greeted by an old pine tree known as the Sadame Pine Tree that has stood there for hundreds of years. This pine tree is said to have been planted as a milestone marker during the Iwami land survey conducted by Nagayasu Okubo, the first magistrate of the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine. Originally, there were two trees, one on either side of the road (the other died in 2007). Its exposed roots are wrapped around several large rocks, indicating that it was originally planted on top of a mound.
When it snows heavily, Nishinohara becomes transformed into a field of snow. In the past, when snowstorms occurred, it was sometimes difficult for travelers to know which way to go. Thus, pine trees were planted as road markers at intervals of several hundred meters, starting from the Sadame Pine Tree, and have served to watch over travelers.