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As you descend the stairs to an underground room, you encounter several huge trees towering in front of you.
These trees from the Jomon period (14,000 to 300 BCE), which were buried deep underground by the eruption of Mt. Sanbe,
have been preserved through the ages to appear just as they were so long ago.
Japan is a land of volcanoes.
Although volcanic eruptions threaten the lives of the people, they have brought various blessings to
“Iwami no Kuni Oda” (Oda in the Iwami Province).
The ore deposits of the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, which once made “Cipangu (Japan)” famous around the world,
were also born of the magma from those eruptions.
And the bountiful land nurtured by the volcano has enriched the lives of its inhabitants.
“Iwami no Kuni Oda” where the history of volcanoes lives on in the roots of daily life.
Here, a journey of discovering the bounty of the land of fire awaits you.

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one of Japan’s great heritage sites.

Introducing various spots in Oda, such as magnificent scenic views, dining, and hot springs.
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