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Event to pray for a good harvest

Ogasawara-style musical rice planting

The Ogasawara-style musical rice planting is a traditional folk performance of the Chugoku region that has a history dating back to the Warring States period. It is a gorgeous performing art in which performers wear colorful costumes and play large drums, smaller hand drums, flutes, etc. It is also an agricultural Shinto ritual to pray for a bountiful harvest.

In the Mt. Sanbe region, this tradition has been handed down in the Ikeda and Koyahara districts of Sanbe-cho, and efforts are being made to carry on the tradition at the Ikeda Elementary School, which serves both districts. At the rice planting festival held at Mononobe Shrine in July, the rice planting musical dedication of Koyahara is performed, which reveals a part of the faith in Mt. Sanbe, the source of water. In Oda City, the Ogasawara-style musical rice planting performance of Oshiro-cho has been designated as an intangible folk cultural property of the city, and in Minakami-cho, the Hanataue rice planting festival has been passed down through generations.