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A rocky mountain towering over the road

Mt. Ryugan (Tatsuiwa Rock)

Mt. Ryugan is a peculiar rock with huge, ragged peaks that reach up to the sky and overlap like waves. Located at the summit are the ruins of Iwami Castle, one of the mountain castles that guarded the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine. This rock is the part of a volcanic conduit where magma split the ground and rose up when the volcano erupted about 15 million years ago. When the magma stretched out and hardened in the direction it was rising, streaks called “flows” were formed, and as weathering progressed along these streaks, these shapes that stretch up toward the sky were created. The rock has several holes formed by weathering, the insides of which are a reddish color, likely due to deposits of iron oxide sediment, which makes them look like dragons' mouths. The largest rock wall is covered with trumpet vine, which is one of the city's natural monuments, and you can see vermilion flowers in the summer and vivid red leaves in late autumn.


1Iwami Castle
Mt. Ryugan is located midway along the road from the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine to the Nima coast, and was an important location for guarding the silver mine. The ruins of the castle on the top of this mountain are included among the constituent assets of this World Heritage Site as Iwami Castle.